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WordPress has been growing in statute as a renowned and the blogging tool. Being open-source, it is particularly well loved by bloggers all over the world because of its easy-to-use interface which can be modified by the website developers themselves.

WordPress Logo
WordPress Logo

A WordPress blog has many popular features – it offers the user many catchy themes in order to change the look or functionality of their blog. It also offers the blogger the option of switching between themes easily without worrying about modifying the content or the structure of the website itself. There are many themes available for a budding new WordPress blogger – there are some timeless “Popular” themes available as well as new “Trending” themes. The user can choose to opt for a free theme or else a paid-for Premium theme for their WordPress blog.

WordPress also offers the user the chance to tailor their website according to their specific needs by opting for one of many plugins available for use. Boasting a database of more than 26,000 plugins, a WordPress blog can be customized to enhance search engine optimization for the user, as well as have additional features like widgets and navigation bars. This allows the user to create an easy, ready-to-use interface for their clients or visitors. Take for example, a novice blogger interested in creating a user-friendly website on any topic. One can make use of the various widgets such as form filling, etc. by means of a simple text code which can be copied and pasted onto their WordPress blog. This greatly enhances the public appeal and can make tedious tasks such as obtaining details of a visitor’s interests much easier.

With the advent of WordPress 3.0, the user can now concurrently manage and have multiple WordPress blogs accessible from a single dashboard. This has greatly enhanced the capability for websites to host their own blogging communities for various topics. For instance, a website on “cooking” can have multiple, separate WordPress blogs on a variety of topics such as blogs on vegetarian dishes, non-vegetarian dishes, desserts, blogs on different foods such as Continental, Indian, Thai, Chinese, etc. They can be easily accessed from links on the parent website and the developer can control all these subordinate WordPress blogs from a simple, single dashboard! Talk about convenience.

WordPress blogs have now gone mobile – the latest trend is the capability to access anything and everything from the palm of one’s hand. Applications have been created to allow the blogger to create and modify their WordPress blogs on the go. They can now be accessed via Android devices, iOS (for those comfortable with iPhones, iPad and iPod Touches), Windows phones and Blackberry. There are a multitude of options easily accessible from these devices such as creating a new blog post, adding more pages, managing comments from users as well as adding your own, and finally, the ability to view the website stats. This allows the fast-paced professional to be up to date regarding the popularity of their website and monitor the hits received and make suitable changes to increase the same.

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