WordPress is free to use

For those newly initiated into the world of website hosting and blogging, seeing a hugely popular and utilized website such as offering free services to all interested always comes as a huge surprise. Being an open source website, WordPress is free to use, modified, enhance or create new features and redistribute. However, nothing is too good to be true – there is always a catch somewhere.

A popular question posed by new users is why WordPress has not been sold for a huge profit by the company and people owning it. Free WordPress being open source is not owned by one single person. The cost of reproducing software is not the same as replicating other tangible products. There are many people who own highly profitable businesses simply by providing access to a host of opportunities or product or other themes and plugins to create new WordPress websites. This allows the WordPress host to generate revenue through a “free” software. There are many prominent website developers who have created a source of income for themselves just by creating new WordPress websites for their clients.

WordPress is free for everyone

WordPress as a software is free for everyone to use. However, in order to host a website on WordPress, one has to pay for the hosting services. While the cost of using WordPress itself is minimal, the bulk of the cost is paid for hosting a WordPress.com website. This also shows the difference between a WordPress blog and a WordPress.com website. The domain name is also another cost-incurring item while hosting a website, which is not a problem with a WordPress blog.

Not everything is free for use on WordPress, however. There are only about 1600+ themes and 23,000+ plugins free for use on WordPress. Since free plugins and themes are used everywhere, people don’t mind paying a little extra to give their website an exclusive feel, and enhancing the user experience. Also, “premium” plugins and themes offer user support and updates. This is not available on freely available accessories on WordPress. Having the extra support ensures that any bugs are fixed as well as allowing the user to get the latest version of the theme or plugin.

WordPress is free to use
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WordPress gives everyone the opportunity to talk about a variety of topics of their choice. And it also offers the blog-hopping enthusiast a wide choice of opinions and products on all the topics he/she finds interesting. Truly, it is one of the most popular open-source products out there today. Protected by a set of codes and rules regarding the ownership license of any modification done, it has enriched the website experience for a whole host of people everywhere. Since, the user is allowed free access to only those modifications and enhancements he/she makes on their WordPress website, the actual domain and original WordPress product is protected. It has lifted online presence tremendously and is host to a phenomenal number of developments and businesses today. A software of opportunity, if ever there was one!

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