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WordPress plugins have greatly enhanced a website or a WordPress blog to perform any number of functions for the website host. Over the years, the WordPress community has designed and developed a great deal of ready to download WordPress plugins to enhance the appeal and popularity of a blog. There are quite a number of WordPress plugins available for the user. Some of them have been shown especially for newbies out there so that they are ready to go.

WordPress plugin: Theme-Check

It is a very easy to use a plugin developed to ensure that newly created and used themes follow the theme review protocols. It is a handy tool for both theme developers as well as those looking to use a new theme on their website and want to make sure that the theme is accepted by WordPress practices and standards.

WordPress plugin: Membership

Although not freely available, this is a handy WordPress plugin for those posing the flexible option of making certain content available freely on their website and certain content only available upon full membership for which the user has to pay a particular fee to gain access. Divide your website to free and premium content using this easy, flexible WordPress plugins today!

WordPress plugin: Ultimate Facebook

This currently trending plugin is a popular one due to its feature of allowing the user to integrate advanced social sharing features into their WordPress site. This plugin gives the guest the option to log in with their Facebook account, thereby allowing them to post their activities on their Facebook wall. It also has a host of features such as automatic user profile fill, import comments made on Facebook to the WordPress site, etc. This one, do-it-all plugin gives the user the functionality of a dozen different WordPress plugins. Use now for an easier experience on integrating social media with your website today!

WordPress plugin: Appointments +

This is a powerful tool to set, manage and accept bookings on your website. It is an easy to use a plugin for the professional who manages a host of clients on their website. Instead of opting for a diary or being distracted and confused with a pile of appointments and deadlines, all the user needs to do is install this plugin on their website. Managing customer contact information, collecting payments and deposits through PayPal, sending automated confirmation and reminder emails to clients, using Google calendar to manage client appointments, etc. are only some of the various features accessible through this multipurpose serving plugin.

WordPress plugin: Forums

This is a simple WordPress plugin allowing the website host to create a forum for their network. Now, each and every post or page is embedded with the option to access a forum for discussion. A simple tool to share knowledge and opinions on any post or page, available today!

WordPress plugin: Subscribe by Email

This is a highly useful WordPress plugin designed to allow the website subscriber access to the latest posts, information, discussions and announcements about new products by automatically sending them a regular email about any new content posted on the website. An easy to use tool, especially to ensure a far-reaching audience!

Check out all of these WordPress plugins directory to ensure a better experience through your website today!