WordPress themes

WordPress themeOne of the most attractive features of a website is an eye-catching theme. WordPress is one service which offers its users multitudes of themes to choose from. There are many WordPress themes currently in vogue as well as some all-time favourites.

Some of the popular ones include:

1. WordPress theme: a “year” based theme

WordPress theme

These WordPress themes involve years such as Twenty ten, Twenty twelve and so on. They are updated, revised and polished by designers every year to give the creators of WordPress-based websites a slick and trendy look. These yearly WordPress themes serve to draw customers to explore the websites (especially the new annual theme!), in turn increasing their popularity! Your WordPress experience just got better!

2. WordPress theme: a wedding theme

WordPress themeThis theme is perfect for couples ready to tie the knot, especially those who are seeking quick replies from their guests to assist them in their wedding planning. This gorgeous theme is presented in simple colors, the title highlighted in blue against the black and white of the background. A classy, timeless WordPress theme titled “Forever”, it holds the hope and promise of many happy years ahead to look forward to. A theme sure to gladden the heart and make you RSVP with a smile!

3. WordPress theme: an “It’s All About You” theme

WordPress themeThis popular WordPress theme is aptly named “Profile”. It has space at the center of the page for a cool picture of the author portrayed against the backdrop of a sprawling city with huge sky-scrapers. It presents to potential employers and viewers, an appealing look into the world of the website designer. A theme with the right attitude – just for the person ready to take on the world. Show your potential viewers what they want to see!

4. WordPress theme: a “Presenting … the news!” theme

WordPress themeA stylish theme suitable for websites reporting news of any kind – this top-notch WordPress theme truly catches the eye of the reader and draws their attention to the key details. The comfortable background is light on the eyes and relaxing. The key tabs highlighted in white against grey hold the appeal of reading from a newspaper to the reader. The content is neatly partitioned with the website designer free to choose what he wishes to showcase in whichever section he wants. Here’s to bringing the latest happenings everywhere to you… in style!

5. WordPress theme: the Full Frame theme

WordPress themeA WordPress theme created explicitly for the photo-blogging aficionados out there. This theme is paradise for the camera-wielding photographer who wishes to view their creation gloriously spread across their screen. It is aptly named “Full Frame” as the viewer pictures the beautiful photo framed on the canvas of the computer screen. The serene beauty of a sunset, the wild rush of incoming waves on a beach or the stunning beauty of the New York skyline seen on the screen of a blog-hopper are bound to spectacularly increase the website’s popularity.

These are just some of the most popular WordPress themes out there. There are many others designed every single day. Here’s to an enjoyable exploration!

WordPress themes: http://wordpress.org/themes/.